• Our business is focused on advancing yours, to make you and your organization the leader in your industry.

  • Consumerization, fast-evolving technology and new consumer behaviors are spearheading a dramatic revolution in any field. To us, the competitive market out there lead us to set high aspirations, goals to achieve and also create solutions to help other companies to overcome the challenges against a backdrop of economic uncertainty. Fortunate for us we have a creative team to build and design the necessary tools and techniques in order to arm you with the latest technology solutions.

  • Out Boxed Ideas Labs, deals with system integration and groundbreaking solutions for today’s business to stay ahead of its competitors. A team of highly qualified professionals assembled from around the globe, proficient in utilizing Business Software Design & Solutions to help you reinvent and reinforce your business for the new century. We have the perfect match of technology, vision and ideas to make your organization be the most innovative player in your industry.
  • Simbioz Interactive Touchless System(Canada)
  • Ineractive Touch System(USA)
  • Digital Signages & Display Technologies
  • Crowd-Surfing Multi touch Systems
  • Brand Engagement Development
  • Education Environment Development
  • Brand Lifestyle Designs
  • Intelligent Self Service
  • Automatic Speach Recognition
  • Speach To Text
  • Customer Loyality Management

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